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BODC Cruise Metadata Report for FS Meteor (06M3) cruise M28_1


This report collates information from the BODC cruise inventory and oceanographic databases. It presents

Cruise Inventory Information

Long name FS Meteor (06M3) cruise M28_1
Short name M28_1
Objectives and Narrative Ref - 19940179
Ship FS Meteor
Departure Port Recife, Brazil
Departure Date 1994-03-29
Arrival Port Walvis Bay, Namibia
Arrival Date 1994-05-11
Principal Scientist(s) Thomas J Müller (Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel)
Responsible Organisation Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel
Associated Project(s) WOCE
IHB Sea Areas Visited South East Atlantic Ocean (limit 20W), South West Atlantic Ocean (limit 20W)
Marsden Squares Visited 303/336/337/338/339/370/371
Work Area Description
Work Area Bounding Polygon 20S,40W; 0N,40W; 0N,20E; 20S,20E; 20S,40W
Southern Limit 20S
Northern Limit 0N
Western Limit 40W
Eastern Limit 20E

Cruise Inventory Datasets

Physical oceanography  
Bathythermograph Quantity: number of profiles = 48
CTD stations Quantity: number of stations = 126
Currents measured from ship drift Quantity: track kilometres = 5370
Description: 150kHz RDI ADCP, surface-200m  
GEK Quantity: track kilometres = 5370
Geochemical tracers (eg freons) Quantity: 60
Description: Freon-11, Freon-12, Freon-113  
Geochemical tracers (eg freons) Description: Tetrachloromethane (CCl4)  
Surface drifters/drifting buoys Quantity: 8
Description: at 100m depth drouged surface buoys  
Surface measurements underway (T,S) Quantity: track kilometres = 5370
Description: 4m thermosalinograph  
Chemical oceanography  
Carbon dioxide Quantity: 60
Description: ca.  
Nitrate Quantity: 120
Other dissolved gases Description: Dissolved helium  
Oxygen Quantity: 120
Silicate Quantity: 120
Biology and fisheries  
Phytoplankton Quantity: 69
Description: Neuston net 8 multiple opening closing net  
Other meteorological measurements Quantity: track kilometres = 5370
Description: aerosols samples  
Routine standard measurements Quantity: track kilometres = 5370
Description: automatic station  

Cruise Inventory Mooring/Buoy Operations

No information on datasets is currently available

Summary of BODC Data Holdings for the Cruise

National Oceanographic Database


# Series Instrument Description Parameters
1 Single-beam echosounder Bathymetry and Elevation
Date and time
Horizontal spatial co-ordinates

Note: Parameter terms are taken from the BODC Parameter Discovery Vocabulary XML (SKOS)

Full List

BODC Reference Instrument Description Date/Time Location  
582575 Single-beam echosounder 1994-04-05 21:22Z to 1994-05-10 12:43Z 20° 37' S to 10° 59' S; 32° 30' W to 13° 32' E Click for more

Project Database

No data currently held for this cruise in the BODC Project Database


Track Charts

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