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Takoradi (Ghana) Site History

History Summary

Station name Takoradi
Country Ghana
Latitude 04° 53.0' N
Longitude 01° 45.0' W
WOCE No. 9110
Time Reference GMT (0-23)
Contributor 1983 - 1986 ORSTOM, France
2004 - 2005 National Institute of Oceanography, India
Originator 2004 - Ghana Survey Department
Instrument Type 1983 - 1986 A.Lege, float and stilling well
2004 - Pressure gauge
Observational Period 1929 - 1992
2004 - 2005

Reference Level

The data are referenced to the zero of the tide staff at Takoradi harbour. The tide staff coincides with Chart Datum.

Quality Assessment


In the present Sea Level Gauge, a single-crystal silicon thin-diaphragm piezo-resistive strain gauge, manufactured by Honeywell, is used for estimation of water level through measurements of absolute pressure (i.e., water column pressure + atmospheric air pressure).

Conversion of absolute pressure (mbar) to water level with reference to CD consists of the following steps:

  • Convert absolute pressure (mbar) to water pressure (mbar).
  • Convert water pressure (mbar) to water pressure (dynes/cm2).
  • Convert water pressure (dynes/cm2) to water level (cm) above the pressure inlet of the gauge and referencing the latter to CD.

The atmospheric pressure is obtained from either a nearby meteorological station (Takoradi aerodrome) or from measurements using an autonomous weather station [AWS].

The data for 2004 and 2005 are very noisy. Only very bad patches have been flagged.

Period Parameter Missing data Suspect data Completeness index (%) Sample interval
2004 ASLVTD01 001-183 249-253,264-267,278-279,291,303-304,323-323,329-331,361-365 50 15 minutes
2005 ASLVTD01 031-032,091,181-365 037-038,051-052,057,062-064,068-070,078-081,082-083,085-086,088-089,104-109,113,136-140,162-164,166-167 49 15 minutes