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Dissolved nutrient data series measured by CEFAS on POL Coastal Observatory cruise 5, RV Prince Madog cruise PD02_03

Data Originator

Naomi Greenwood, CEFAS, Lowestoft

Content of data series

Parameter Units Parameter code CTD Samples
Total NO3 and NO2 concentration µmol l -1 NTRZAAD1 5
Phosphate concentration µmol l -1 PHOSAAD1 5
Silicate concentration µmol l -1 SLCAAAD1 5
Ammonia concentration µmol l -1 AMONAAD1 5
Nitrite (NO2) concentration µmol l -1 NTRIAAD1 5

Originator's Protocol

Samples for nutrient analyses were collected from water bottle rosette sampling systems mounted on the lowered CTD. Samples were collected near-surface from a total of 5 CTD stations. Each sample was passed through a Whatman GF/F filter and preserved with mercuric chloride to give a final concentration of 20 µg l -1 .

Samples were stored refrigerated at -18° C until analysed by a Skalar continuous flow analyzer, following Kirkwood (1996).

BODC Processing

The data were supplied to BODC as an Excel spreadsheet. This was converted to an ASCII format file for loading into the BODC archive. Methodology and units were checked against information held in the BODC parameter dictionary and an appropriate parameter code was attributed to each variable. The file's data and metadata fields were then checked prior to loading into a database.

The data were loaded into the database under the Oracle Relational Database Management System by matching the sample's station identifier and depth with the information already held in the database for this cruise. Where the data supplied included multiple replicates for each station, the mean value and standard deviation were loaded into the database. For single samples, the data were loaded without further modification.

Comments on data quality and outstanding issues

There are no data quality issues regarding this dataset.


Kirkwood, D. S. 1996. Nutrients: practical notes on their determination in seawater. ICES Techniques in Marine Environmental Sciences, no 17. International Council for the Exploration of the Seas, Copenhagen, 23 pp.

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