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Line HE is a survey section in the Sea of the Hebrides, heading from Loch Bracadale (Isle of Skye, Scotland) in a south - south westerly direction towards the Isle of Canna. The line comprises five fixed CTD stations, which were established as part of routine monitoring work on the Scottish continental shelf by Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (DML). The line was occupied between the late 1970s to early 1990s.

Line HE has also occasionally been referred to as Line H.

Nominal station details

DML Line HE: Loch Bracadale - north west of Canna (Scotland)

Station Nominal latitude Nominal longitude Approx.
depth (m)
HE1 57° 06.3' N 06° 44.3' W 122 North West of Canna
HE2 57° 10.3' N 06° 38.7' W 180  
HE3 57° 13.5' N 06° 34.5' W 115  
HE4 57° 16.0' N 06° 33.4' W 60  
HE5 57° 18.8' N 06° 32.2' W 83 Loch Bracadale (Isle of Skye)