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COMPLEXITY- Natural Complexity


This project is part of the BAS GSAC five year research programme. It was funded by NERC and covered a period from 2005 to 2009.

COMPLEXITY aims to apply new mathematical methods to data sets drawn from other BAS programmes, to reveal previously hidden patterns and laws, and to develop new mathematical models to explain them. The analysis will be done on data already held at BAS and new data acquired under the following projects and programmes: GEACEP, GRADES, CACHE, DISCOVERY 2010 and SEC.

The Natural Complexity project is a component of COMPLEXITY.

Scientific Objectives

The main objectives are:

  • Identify, measure and explain aspects of complexity in four main components of the Earth system- atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and magnetosphere
  • Use ideas and methods from complexity science to offer new insights into environmental problems under investigation in selected BAS science programmes

Data Availability

Data sets collected during this project are available to the academic community.

Acronyms used in this text:

BAS- British Antarctic Survey

GSAC- Global Science in an Antarctic Context

NERC- Natural Environment Research Council

GEACEP- Greenhouse to ice-house: Evolution of the Antarctic Cryosphere and Paleoenvironment

GRADES- Glacial retreat in Antarctica and Deglaciation of the Earth System

CACHE- Climate and Chemistry: forcings , feedbacks and phasings in the Earth System

DISCOVERY2010- Integrating Southern Ocean Ecosystems into the Earth System

SEC- Sun Earth Connections Programme