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Faraday Base (Argentine Islands) Site History


The tide gauge is a stilling well connected to a standard Munro chart recorder. It is land mounted at the Survey's station very close to Stella Creek. To enable the gauge to operate in icy conditions a heater is located next to the stilling well. The gauge is operated by the British Antarctic Survey, and the charts have been digitised at hourly intervals, checked for transcription errors and edited at the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, U.K. All times are GMT.

The data are relative to a datum 8.705m below trig point 204. All lacunae in the original data which were too long to be filled by simple interpolation were filled by harmonic predictions with linear trends.

These were:-

Start End
1500h 07 Jun 1961 1900h 12 Jun 1961
0100h 25 Aug 1963 1200h 28 Aug 1963
1500h 12 Sep 1966 1400h 22 Sep 1966