GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product (IDP) Download Agreement

The GEOTRACES programme is keen to ensure that the very significant effort and expertise involved in making trace-element and isotope measurements is acknowledged as fully as possibly in subsequent publications.

  1. Users of the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product are expected to abide to the following rules regarding citation

    To the greatest extent possible, please cite all relevant publications from researchers that made the measurements you use in your work. Details of publications that should be cited are provided point-by-point in the IDP dataset (in the ODV and ASCII versions) and will be updated on the online database as new papers are published. Where your research deals particularly with data measured by a single group of data originators, you are invited to please contact that group to discuss your work prior to publication and jointly consider the synergy and mutual benefit of co-authorship where appropriate.

    Where other constraints prevent citation of all relevant publications, for instance where there is a journal limitation on the maximum number of publications that can be cited, or if the dataset is only used in a minor supportive way, please cite the data compilation itself (as below). In such cases, also please cite any original individual papers that you rely on particularly heavily for your research and interpretations.

    Please cite the IDP2014 and the IDP2017 as: Mawji, E., et al., The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2014, Mar. Chem. (2015), .

  2. Users of the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product shall not distribute downloaded data to any third party.