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Tarawa-C (Gilbert Islands) Site History


Station Tarawa-C, Betio
Country Republic of Kiribati
Latitude 01° 21.7' N
Longitude 172° 55.8' E
GLOSS No 113
Time Reference GMT (hours 00-23)
UH Sea Level Center
1000 Pope Road. MSB 317,
Hawaii 96822
The National Tidal Facility (NTF),
Flinders University of South Australia,
GPO Box 2100,
Adelaide, 5001,
South Australia.
Instrument Type Leupold & Stevens Analog-to-Digital Recorder (ADR) and Handar Encoder 436 (ENC) float/well gauges
NTF: Aquatrak acoustic gauge (SEAFRAME)
Primary Gauge ADR: 1988-90
ENC: 1991-97
Site of Gauge The gauge is situated at the end of the harbour wall.
Observational periods 1988 - 2001

Reference Level

All heights have been referred to the station tide staff zero which is linked to fixed bench marks.

Tide gauge benchmark (TGBM) description

Benchmark Description
BM1 The SS bolt has no stamp and is embedded into the concrete curb of the bulkhead directly above the tide staff (about six feet west of the jetty), (established December 1987).
BM2 The SS bolt has no stamp and is embedded into the concrete foundation of the memorial on the corner facing the jetty (established December 1987).
BM3 The SS bolt has no stamp and is embedded in the centre (4th) concrete buttress of the freezer plant wall, which faces towards the lagoon.
BM4 The SS bolt has no stamp and is embedded in the concrete foundation of the ice plant in the south west corner, facing the channel into the boat harbour.
BM5 SS The bolt is embedded into the concrete porch in the south west corner of the National Fishing Company building (established December 1990).

Quality Assessment by the UH Sea Level Centre


The daily and monthly means reveal no apparent changes in the reference level and agree well with Nauru and Kanton.

The years 1999 to 2001 show questionable fluctuations on many neap tides.

Year CI(%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1988 95 none none 212-214,238-242,269-271
1989 100 none none none
1990 100 none none none
1991 100 none none none
1992 4 001(00)-338(00)355(00)-365(23) none none
1993 62 001(00)-086(00),090(00)-091(00),132(00)-183(00) none none
1994 72 019(00)-117(13,160)(03)-161(05),364(00)-365(23) none none
1995 98 001(00),075(23)-078(23),355(00)-356(00) none none
1996 99 344(21)-346(06) 033(10,13,14),340(18-21) none
1997 100 none none none
1998 100 none none none
1999 99 170(18)-173(21),331(21)-333(02) none see comment above
2000 100 none none see comment above
2001 100 none none see comment above