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Juan Fernandez-A (Chile) Site History

History Summary

Station Juan Fernandez-A
Country Chile
Latitude 33° 37.3' S
Longitude 078° 50.0' W
GLOSS No 176
Time Reference GMT (hours 00-23)
Contributor UH Sea Level Center
Instrument Type Fischer and Porter Analog-to-Digital Recorder
Site of Gauge  
Observational periods 1977-1984

Reference Level

All heights have been referred to the station tide staff zero which is linked to fixed benchmarks.

Tide Gauge Benchmark (TGBM) Description

Benchmark Description
BM No. 3 It is a 9cm bronze disk stamped CF 3, set in cement at the right side of the basement of the passenger pier.
BM No. 6 It is a 6cm bronze disk stamped CF 6 set in cement at the base of the flag pole front to 'Capitania de Puerto' building.

Quality Assessment by the UH Sea Level Center


The daily and monthly means reveal no apparent changes in the reference level. The accuracy of the timing is no better than plus or minus 7 min.

Year CI(%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1978 40 147-365 none 38-39,112-118
1979 68 1-110,359-365 none none
1980 0 1-365 none none
1981 83 1-45,71-75,191-194,199-201,211-213,225-227 none 215-216
1982 95 50-53,202-204,286-292,316-321 none 28-29
1983 78 60-139 none none
1984 34 none none none