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Bitung (Indonesia) Site History

History Summary

Station Bitung
Country Indonesia
GLOSS No 069
TOGA Sea Level Center
Instrument Type Float and stilling well gauge, Fischer and Porter Analog-to-Digital Recorder
Site of Gauge  
Observational periods 1927-1931, 1986-present

Benchmark relationships

All heights have been referred to the station tide staff zero which is linked to fixed benchmarks.

Quality Assessment


The daily and monthly means reveal no apparent changes in the reference level. The residuals have spikes periodically. However, the installation is in a region with complex tides that the harmonic analysis can not completely resolve, which may explain this spiky signature.

Year CI(%) QI(%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1986 5 5 none none none
1987 100 100 none none Timing questionable
1988 95 88 153-158,303-315 none See comment above
1989 97 91 272-275,282-286,333-337 none See comment above
1990 83 76 1-8,59-65,91-96,121-124,151-153,181-183,201-205,224-232,251-261,275-281,291-293,308-312,322-324,334-338,365 none See comment above