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Davao (Philippines) Site History

History Summary

Station Davao
Country Philippines
GLOSS No 071
Contributor 1984-present TOGA Sea Level Center
Instrument Type Float and stilling well gauge, A.OTT, gravity gauge
Site of Gauge  
Observational periods 1948 - present

Tide gauge benchmark (TGBM) description

BM-11 - Davao City, intersection of Leon Garcia St. and zn Ave., the brass rod is on the concrete foundation of a lamppost on the NW corner of Magsaysay Park.

Auxiliary benchmarks

BH-1A, 8, 14 and 7H

Benchmark relationships

All data are referred to a historic fixed benchmark (1951).

BM-11 was established June 1985

Quality Assessment


A suspicious signature exists in 1986. It appears from the daily averages to be a reference level shift of about 20 cm on 30 November. A similar feature of less magnitude exists at the same time for Jolo and Legaspi; thus the possibility of the suspicious signature being real exists. The originators have confirmed that no errors were obvious in the analog chart or processing.

The data contain numerous questionable fluctuations which may be a result of inaccurate timing of the gauge and/or from the tidal analysis not being able to resolve certain harmonics. Typhoon activity did not pass near.

Year CI(%) QI(%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1984 100 97 none none See comment above
1985 100 86 none none See comment above
1986 100 72 none (00)125-(11)125 (22)277-(13)278 See comment above
1987 50 38 none none See comment above
1988 100 85 none none See comment above
1989 100 94 none none See comment above
1990 48 46 87-90,132-136 none See comment above