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Christmas Island (Australia) Site History

History Summary

Station Christmas Island
Country Australia
GLOSS No 047
Contributor 1986-1987: TOGA Sea Level Center
1990-1991: Flinders University of South Australia
Instrument Type Float and stilling well gauge,
Leupold and Stevens Analog-to-Digital Recorder
Site of Gauge The gauge is situated near the north arm cantilever, which is north west of bench mark CHS 2.
Observational periods September 1986-March 1988, August 1990-present

Tide Gauge Benchmark (TGBM) Description

Benchmark Description
CHS 1 The circular brass plaque, numbered CHS1, is set in the bedrock between the two cantilever loaders at Flying Fish Cove.
CHS 2 The circular brass plaque, numbered CHS 2, is set in a concrete pad at the root of the North Arm Cantilever jetty.
CHS 3 The circular brass plaque, numbered CHS 3, is set on top of a concrete pad support for South Arm Cantilever conveyor. Rocky Point RM 3.

Benchmark Relationships

Datum of data is tide gauge zero.

Tide Gauge Zero (TGZ) = 6.158m below CHS 1 (1986-1988).

Quality Assessment


The daily and monthly means reveal no apparent reference level changes or trends. However, comparisons with Cocos Island suggest a reference level shift of about +10 cm for July - October, 1987.

Year CI(%) QI(%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1986 26 26 none none none
1987 55 55 72-108,161-206 none none
1990 33 33 275-299 none none
1991 67 67 7-35,95-144 none none