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Diego Ramirez (Chile) Site History

History Summary

Station Diego Ramirez
Country Chile
Latitude 56° 33.5' S
Longitude 068° 40.0' W
GLOSS No 180
Time Reference GMT (00-23 hours)
Contributor (1991) Instituto Hidrografico de la Armada, Chile
Instrument Type (1991 - present) Next Generation Water Level
Measurement System, pressure sensor
Site of Gauge  
Observational periods 1991 - present

Reference Level

All heights have been referred to the station tide staff zero which is linked to fixed bench marks.

Quality Assessment


The hourly residuals show significant fluctuations with a duration of a day or longer, and contain spikes.

Year Completeness Index (%) Questionable Fluctuations (In day Nos.)
and Missing Data (Gaps >6 hours)
1991 9 None
    Gap from 1991/03/12 at 18.00 to 1991/03/13 at 14.00
    Gap from 1991/04/14 at 18.00 to 1991/04/15 at 16.00
    Gap from 1991/04/17 at 06.00 to 1991/04/17 at 15.00