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Chendering (Malaysia) Data Quality Assessment

Quality assessment of sea level data by the TOGA Sea Level Center/National Oceanographic Data Center Joint Archive for Sea Level.

Station Chendering Latitude 05° 15.9' N
Country Malaysia Longitude 103° 11.2' E
JASL # 320A Time Meridian 120 °E (GMT + 8 hr)
GLOSS # 293 TOGA # P006
NODC # 10105301
Contributor: Dept. of Survey and Mapping, Jalan Gurney,50578 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Originator: same
Original Data: digital; samples taken every 10 sec; 50 sec average
Instrument Type: Magnetic Tape Type Tide Gauge, Model LLT-3AD (Kyowa Shoko Co. LTD, Japan)
Digitized Interval: One hour
Present Data: Hourly, daily, and monthly values obtained by:
Hourly: Five-point least squares approximation (more information available from the address above)
Daily: 119-point convolution filter (Bloomfield, 1976) centred on noon applied to the hourly data with respective periods of the 95, 50, and 5% amplitude points at 124.0, 60.2, and 40.2 hours
Monthly: Simple average of all daily values; calculated if 7 or fewer days are missing
Span of data: 30 Oct 1984 - 21 Jan 1987
Gaps > 1 mon : None
Time Reference: GMT (hours 00-23)
Space-filler Flag: -9999
Units: Millimeters
Missing Data Flag: 99999
Reference Level: The sea level heights are referred to the zero point assigned to the tide gauge. Bench mark information is available upon request from the contributors.
Comment: The daily and monthly means of Chendering and an adjacent station, Kuantan, agree very well.