Virginia Key (USA) Site History

History Summary

Station Virginia Key
Country U.S.A.
Latitude 25° 43.9' N
Longitude 080° 09.7' W
Time Reference GMT (hours 00-23)
Contributor 1994-2000 NOAA/NOS, USA
Instrument Type (1994-2000) Next Generation Water Level Measurement System - acoustic sensor
Site of Gauge The tide station is situated at the outer end of the concrete pier, University of Miami.
Observational Periods 1994 - 2000

Reference Level

All data are referred to Tide Gauge Zero and are linked into historic fixed benchmarks.

Tide Gauge Benchmark (TGBM) Description

BM Control

Benchmark Description
93214 B 1994 NOS primary bench mark is at the onshore end of the concrete pier. The bench mark is 0.2 foot below ground level, crimped to a stainless steel rod driven 52.0 feet to refusal and encased in a 6 inch PVC pipe and concrete kickblock.

Auxiliary Benchmarks

Benchmark Relationships

TGBM = 1.982m above mean lower low water (1960-1978 epoch)
TGBM = 1.315m above mean high water (1960-1978 epoch)

Quality Assessment


The daily or monthly means do not reveal any obvious reference level shifts.

The data for 1996-2000 were supplied with heights relative to MLLW. Consequently 3015mm was added to refer the data to tide gauge zero.

The data for 1998-2000 were supplied in non-GMT format and had to be shifted into GMT.

Year Completness
Index (%)
Questionable Fluctuations (in day Nos.) and Missing Data (Gaps >6 hours)
1994 92 None
Gap From 1994/01/01 at 00.00 to 1994/01/28 at 15.00
1995 100 None
1996 100 None
1997 99 276-331
Gap From 1997/10/03 at 16.00 to 1997/10/04 at 14.00
1998 100 34
1999 100 174,288-289
2000 100 8-11,16-21,228-232,299-304