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Naos (Panama) Site History

History Summary

Station Name Naos
Country Panama
Latitude 08° 55.0' N
Longitude 079° 32.0' W
WOCE No. 9049
Time Reference GMT (hours 00-23)
Contributor National Ocean Service (NOS)
National Ocean. and Atmos. Administration (NOAA)
Instrument Type Aquatrak acoustic gauge,
NOAA Next Generation Water Level Measuring System (NGWLMS)
Site of Gauge  
Observational Periods 1991-1997

Reference Level

All heights have been referred to the station tide staff zero which is linked to fixed benchmarks.

Quality Assessment by the UH Sea Level Center


The daily and monthly means reveal no apparent reference level changes or trends and agree with the nearest stations. This site is physically within a couple of miles of the Balboa gauge. The overlap of data with Balboa shows a good agreement.

Year CI(%) Missing Data Replaced Gaps or Bad Data Questionable Fluctuations
1991 34 none none none
1992 99 139-144 none none
1993 100 none none none
1994 100 none none none
1995 100 none (20)113-(17)114 none
1996 0 001-366 none none
1997 67 243-365 none none