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Provideniya-B (Russia) Site History

History Summary

Station Name Provideniya
Country Russia
Latitude 64° 24.0' N
Longitude 173° 12.0' W
Time Reference GMT (00-23 hours)
Contributor 1986-1989 All Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Centre
Instrument type Float and stilling well gauge
Site of Gauge  
Observational Period 1934 - present

Reference Level

All data are referred to TGZ and linked into historic fixed benchmarks.

Tide Gauge Benchmark (TGBM) Description

BM Control -5.0m (in the Baltic system).

Quality Assessment


Large positive and negative fluctuations of a few days duration are related to meteorological events.

This station is distinguished from station Provideniya-A because the data have not been levelled to common bench marks.

Year Completeness
Index (%)
Questionable Fluctuations(in day Nos.)
and Missing Data (Gaps >6 hours)
1986 100 None
1987 100 None
1988 100 None
1989 100 None