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Ushuaia (Argentina) Site History

History Summary

Station Ushuaia
Latitude 54° 48.3' S
Longitude 068° 17.7' W
Country Argentina
GLOSS No 181
Time Meridian 045W (GMT - 3hr)
Time Reference GMT (hours 00-23)
Contributor National Ocean Service (NOS)
National Ocean. and Atmos. Administration (NOAA), N/OES22
1305 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD. 20910-3233
Originator Same
Instrument Type Aquatrak acoustic gauge, NOAA Next Generation Water Level Measuring System (NGWLMS)
Span of Data 01 Jan 1996 - 31 Dec 1998
Reference Level The data are referred to tide staff zero which is linked to fixed bench marks.

Quality Assessment


The daily and monthly values do not reveal any obvious reference level shifts or trends. The timing is good.

Year CI(%) Data Missing Replaced Gaps or Bad Data QuestionableFluctuations
1996 37 1,88-283 332-366 (12)289-(08)290 none
1997 84 1-58 none none
1998 100 none (06)300-(19)300 none