Crozet-Kerguelen Line West Station (CK2) Site History

History Summary

Station Name CK2
Latitude 46° 52.26' S
Longitude 052° 28.29' E
Depth 3600 m
Units dbars
Sample Interval Hourly
Time Reference GMT (00-23 Hours)
Contributors Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory,
Joseph Proudman Building, Liverpool. U.K.
Instrument Type One Quartztronic pressure sensor (very temperature sensitive)
Two Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure transducers
Temperature recorded with all with pressure sensors.
Period 09 Mar 1993 - 03 Mar 1994

Quality Assessment

Depth given is approximate, pressures are relative. Long-term drift has been satisfactorily removed from all data channels.

Contributors recommend use of either pressure channel 2 or pressure channel 3. Pressure channel 1 is very temperature sensitive and therefore least accurate.