Drake Passage Central CD/9496 Site History

History Summary

Station Name CD
Latitude 58° 21.76' S
Longitude 056° 21.28' W
Depth 3776 m
Units dbars
Sample Interval 15 minutes
Contributors Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory,
Joseph Proudman Building, Liverpool. U.K.
Instrument Type Three Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure transducers, all with temperature recorded.
Period 19 Nov 1994 - 18 Nov 1996

Quality Assessment

Depth given is approximate, pressures are relative. Long-term drift has been satisfactorily removed from all data channels.

Pressure sensor 2: Possible datum shift 10 Dec 1994 +0.1 dbars

Contributors recommend use of pressure channel 1.

No data for pressure channel 3 after (197) 1996.