Myrtle Site History

History Summary

Station Name Myrtle
Latitude 59° 43.69' S
Longitude 055° 29.50' W
Depth 3690 m
Units dbars
Sample Interval Hourly
Contributors Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory,
Joseph Proudman Building, Liverpool. U.K.
Instrument Type Quarztronic Pressure sensor, with temperature recorded.
Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure transducer, with temperature recorded.
Period 13 Nov 1992 - 19 Nov 1996

Quality Assessment

Depth given is approximate and pressure is relative. Long term drift has been satisfactorily removed from the data.

The contributor recommends the use of pressure channel 2, which failed on 08 Aug 1996. Pressure channel 1 contains data throughout the deployment but exhibits a large drop in pressure at the start of the deployment. Otherwise the two are very similar.