Tristan da Cunha - C Site History

History Summary

Station Name Tristan - C
Time Reference GMT (00-23 Hours)
Units dbars
Sample Interval Hourly
Contributors Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory,
Joseph Proudman Building,
Liverpool. U.K.
Instrument Type Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure
transducer with temperature recorded.

Instrument Positions

Observational Period Latitude Longitude Depth(m)
02Nov1985 - 30Sep1986 38° 31.00' S 011° 09.00' W 3435
21Oct9186 - 24Sep1987 38° 31.00' S 011° 09.00' W 3120

These data form part of the 'Tristan Triangle Experiment' around Tristan da Cunha which consisted of a series of Bottom Pressure Recorder measurements made in a 'triangle' (sites A, B and C) around the island between 1985-88 (Spencer et al.). Bottom pressure at all three sites was found to be coherent (Hughes and Smithson, 1996)

Quality Assessment

Mean and Long-term drift has been removed from the data. Depths given are approximate.

Period Comments
Nov 1985 - Sep 1986 Contributor recommends use of either pressure
channel 1 or pressure channel 3.
Oct 1986 - Sep 1987 Contributor recommend use of either prssure channel 2
or pressure channel 3.
Pressure channel 2 marked: (1986)294-(1987)100
Pressure channel 3 marked: (1986)294-297


Spencer, R. et al.
The ACCLAIM programme in the South Atlantic and Southern Oceans. International Hydrographic Review, 70, 7-21.

Hughes, C.W. and Smithson, M.J. 1996.
Bottom pressure correlations in the South Atlantic. Geophysical Research Letters, 23(17), 2243-2246.