Faraday / Vernadsky Phase 1 Site History

History Summary

Station Name Vernadsky (Faraday) Phase 1
Latitude 65° 15.0' S
Country U.K.
Longitude 064° 16.0' W
Gloss No 188
Time Reference GMT(00-23 hours)
Contributor Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory,
Joseph Proudman Building,
6 Brownlow Street,
L3 5DA. U.K.
Observation Period Dec 1997 - Mar 1999
Instrument Type Bottom-mounted presure transducer
Site of Gauge Adjacent to the stilling well float gauge, which provides 'Phase 2' data.

Datum information is not available.

Parameters recorded

Period CI(%) Parameters Sample Interval
12 1997 - 03 1999 100 AP,BT,ST,SSP 15 mins


Quality Assessment

All data have been tidally analysed and constants and residuals checked. Records have been visually inspected for spikes and timing shifts.

Period Parameters Comment
12 1997 - 03 1999 All None