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Esperanza (Argentina) Site History

History Summary

Station Name Esperanza
Country Argentina
Latitude 63° 23.7' S
Longitude 056° 59.7' W
Time Reference GMT (00-23 hours)
GLOSS No. 185
Contributor University of Hawaii Sea Level Center
1000 Pope Rd. MSB 317
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Originator National Ocean Service (NOS)
National Ocean. and Atmos. Administration (NOAA)
SSMC4, Station 7109
1305 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD. 20910-3233
Instrument Type Aquatrak acoustic sensor
Due to terrain constraints, the station design had to be modified and the acoustic sensor was installed 45° from the vertical.
Backup Systems IMO pressure sensor gauge, NOAA Next Generation Water Level Measuring System (NGWLMS)
Two digi-bubblers (very high precision pressure sensors).
Three sensors guarantee the continuity of observations during the period when the water freezes.
Observational Period 1996-1998

Tide gauge Benchmark (TGBM) Description

Benchmark bolt inside tide gauge hut adjacent to stilling well.

Auxiliary Benchmarks

Pilar de referencia ubicado en cercauias de la estacion.

Benchmark Relationships

Tide gauge zero (TGZ) = Local Chart Datum
TGZ is 5.45m below TGBM

Datum Information

The sea level heights were originally referred to the zero point assigned to the tide gauge.

Please Note . Original data adjusted by -7000mm to fit the JASL format.


Period Parameters CI% Sample interval
1996 ASLVZZ01 96 60 minutes
1997 ASLVZZ01 70 60 minutes
1998 ASLVZZ01 61 60 minutes


ASLVZZ01 = Sea Level (metres)

Quality Assessment

All data have been compared with the current Harmonic Constants Library, and residuals checked. Records have been visually inspected for spikes, datum shifts and timing errors.

Period Parameter Missing data Suspect data
1996 ASLVZZ01 001-017 None
1997 ASLVZZ01 195-304 None
1998 ASLVZZ01 164-187,243-365 None