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Lamu-B (Kenya) Site History

History Summary

Station Name Lamu-B
Country Kenya
Latitude 02° 16.3' S
Longitude 040° 54.2' E
Time Reference GMT (00-23 hours)
WOCE No. 9105
Contributor University of Hawaii Sea Level Center
1000 Pope Rd. MSB 317
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Originator Kenya Marine and Fisheries Institute
P.O. Box 81651
Mombasa, Kenya
Instrument Type Two Handar Encoders, ENC and ENB (primary).
Both are float and well gauges
Observational Period 1995-2000

Tide Gauge Benchmark (TGBM) Description

Not available at present.

Auxiliary Benchmarks

Not available at present.

Benchmark Relationships

Not available at present.

Datum Information

The sea level heights are referred to the zero point assigned to the tide gauge.

This site is not linked to the original Lamu station (Lamu-A), which was less than a mile away.


Period Parameters CI% Sample interval
1995 ASLVZZ01 51 60 minutes
1996 ASLVZZ01 100 60 minutes
1997 ASLVZZ01 100 60 minutes
1998 ASLVZZ01 100 60 minutes
1999 ASLVZZ01 100 60 minutes
2000 ASLVZZ01 100 60 minutes


ASLVZZ01 = Sea Level (metres)

Quality Assessment

All data have been compared with the current Harmonic Constants Library, and residuals checked. Records have been visually inspected for spikes, datum shifts and timing errors.

Period Parameter Missing data Suspect data
1995 ASLVZZ01 001-180 225-229
1996 ASLVZZ01 None None
1997 ASLVZZ01 None None
1998 ASLVZZ01 None None
1999 ASLVZZ01 None 026-034,081-084,313-319
2000 ASLVZZ01 None 045-052,318-323