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Global sea-surface iodide observations, 1967-2018


Global sea-surface iodide observations, 1967-2018.

Author(s) Chance R. (1); Tinel L. (1); Sherwen T. (1); Baker A. (2); Bell T. (3); Brindle J. (2); Campos M.L.A.M. (4); Croot P. (5); Ducklow H. (6); He P. (7); Hoogakker B. (8); Hopkins F.E. (3); Hughes C. (2); Jickells T. (2); Loades D. (1); Reyes Macaya D.A. (9); Mahajan A.S. (10); Malin G. (2); Phillips D.P. (3); Sinha A.K. (11); Sarkar A. (11); Roberts I.J. (1); Roy R. (12); Song X. (13); Winklebauer H.A. (8); Wuttig K. (14); Yang M. (3); Zhou P. (13); Carpenter L.J. (1)

(1) University of York Department of Chemistry; (2) University of East Anglia School of Environmental Sciences; (3) Plymouth Marine Laboratory; (4) University of Sao Paulo, Department of Chemistry; (5) National University of Ireland, Galway; (6) Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; (7) State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection; (8) Heriot-Watt University Institute of Life and Earth Sciences; (9) University of Bremen, Center for Marine Environmental Sciences; (10) Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology; (11) National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research; (12) Indian Space Research Organisation, National Remote Sensing Centre; (13) Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology; (14) GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel (East Shore Campus)

Subject oceans

This dataset regroups the available data of measurements of iodide in the surface waters (upper 20 m) of the global oceans. It includes digitised data from published manuscripts, published and unpublished data supplied by the originators themselves or provided by repositories. It contains 1342 datapoints and spans latitudes from -70S to 68N and data from all major ocean basins. These data are made available under the Open Government Licence:

Temporal coverage 01 April 1967 - 15 June 2018
Spatial coverage World
File format Delimited
Language English
Discovery metadata record Link to the related European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED) record
Publisher British Oceanographic Data Centre - Natural Environment Research Council, UK
Publication date 10 January 2019
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) doi:10.5285/7e77d6b9-83fb-41e0-e053-6c86abc069d0
Short DOI doi:10/czhx
Citation text Chance R.; Tinel L.; Sherwen T.; Baker A.; Bell T.; Brindle J.; Campos M.L.A.M.; Croot P.; Ducklow H.; He P.; Hoogakker B.; Hopkins F.E.; Hughes C.; Jickells T.; Loades D.; Reyes Macaya D.A.; Mahajan A.S.; Malin G.; Phillips D.P.; Sinha A.K.; Sarkar A.; Roberts I.J.; Roy R.; Song X.; Winklebauer H.A.; Wuttig K.; Yang M.; Zhou P.; Carpenter L.J.(2019). Global sea-surface iodide observations, 1967-2018. British Oceanographic Data Centre - Natural Environment Research Council, UK. doi:10/czhx.