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AMT18(JR20081003) HPLC pigments dataset


AMT18 (JR20081003) HPLC pigment measurements from CTD bottle samples.

Author(s) Airs R. (1); Martinez-Vicente V. (1)

(1) Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Subject biota, oceans

This dataset consists of 186 measurements of HPLC pigment concentrations made on samples collected during the Atlantic Meridional Transect programme cruise 18 (AMT18 JR20081003) between 3rd October and 10th November 2008. The cruise was funded by NERC as part of the Oceans 2025 programme through which the AMT programme was funded as a Sustained Observatory. The cruise track between UK and Chile passed through both north and south Atlantic gyres. Samples were collected on a daily basis at 6 depths in the upper 300m using a CTD rosette with 24 x 20l OTE (Ocean Test Equipment) bottles. Samples were filtered within 1-2 hours of collection through GF/F filters and the filters were flash frozen in liquid nitrogen before being stored onboard the ship at -80 degC. Samples were analysed after the cruise using a method based on Barlow et al. 1997. This dataset contributes to the AMT time-series of core oceanographic measurements along an north-south transect of the Atlantic Ocean. N.B. These data are a snapshot of profiles and associated documentation for sites and period stated held within the National Oceanographic Database as at the Dataset Publication Date.

Temporal coverage 06 October 2008 - 07 November 2008
Spatial coverage Atlantic Ocean
File format Ocean Data View
Language English
Discovery metadata record Link to the related European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED) record
Publisher British Oceanographic Data Centre - Natural Environment Research Council, UK
Publication date 09 July 2014
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) doi:10.5285/fd200bb3-308b-7c0b-e043-6c86abc01ef5
Short DOI doi:10/tk2
Citation text Airs R.; Martinez-Vicente V. (2014). AMT18 (JR20081003) HPLC pigment measurements from CTD bottle samples. British Oceanographic Data Centre - Natural Environment Research Council, UK. doi:10/tk2.

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