Wave, current and meteorology data from the Dan and Gorm fields in the North Sea

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Data holding centreMaersk Oil and Gas AS
CountryDenmark  Denmark
Time periodFrom 1976 to 1981 at Dan Field; from 1981 onwards at Gorm Field; from 1984 and onwards at Tyra Field; from 1996 and onwards at Harald Field
Geographical area

Dan Field 55° 28.2'N 05° 08.1'E; Gorm Field 55° 34.8'N 04° 45.6'E; Tyra W Field 55° 43.0'N 04° 45.1'E; Harald Field 56° 20.8'N 04° 16.4'E, Datum: ED50


Air pressure; Air temperature; Atmospheric humidity; Wave direction; Other wave statistics; Raw current meter output parameters; Other meteorological measurements; Spectral wave data parameters; Wave height and period statistics; Wave height estimates


Since 1976 hydrographic and meteorological properties have been measured continuously on the offshore platforms in the Danish sector of the North Sea. The location of the platforms is approximately 200 km West of the Danish harbour Esbjerg. In the period 1976-1981 wave measurements were obtained at the Dan Field. From 1981 and on going meteorological data and hydrographic data have been measured continuously at the Gorm Field. From 1984 and onwards: meteorological data from Tyra Field. From 1998 and onwards: hydrographic data from Tyra Field. From 1996 and onwards: meteorological data from Harald Field The data are stored as processed statistical data and raw data in a database.

OriginatorsMaersk Oil and Gas AS
OrganisationMaersk Oil and Gas AS
AvailabilityOrganisation; unknown
ContactHans Dorph

Maersk Oil and Gas AS
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Telephone+45 33 11 46 76
Collating centreAarhus University, Department of Bioscience, Marine Ecology Roskilde
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