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Phytoplankton blooms and related hydrophysical processes (Estonia)

Data holding centreMarine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology
CountryEstonia  Estonia
ProjectDevelopment of toxic plankton blooms in the Estonian waters: response to hydrophysical and meteorological contitions
Time period14 July 1996 to 26 July 1996, 14 July 1997 to 27 July 1997
Geographical area

The entrance area of the Gulf of Finland


Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies; Raw current meter output parameters; Primary production in the water column; Raw temperature and/or salinity instrument output


Current meters; CTD; autoanalysers


The main aim of the project was to obtain additional information about causal mechanisms of blooms, their development and controlling processes. The multidisciplinary observations at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland should allow to describe in detail the development of blooms and their response to the environmental conditions. The measurement campaign was performed at the entrance area of the Gulf of Finland in 1996 from July 14 to July 26 and in 1997 from July 14 to July 27. The CTD profiles were measured at fixed positions (4-5 stations). In both years 12 surveys were carried out. The currents were measured at two mooring stations in the surface layer and in layer below the thermocline. The phytoplankton biomass, chlorophyll a and primary production were measured in the surface layer (mixed layer or 10 m integrated samples).

OriginatorsEstonian Maritime Academy
OrganisationMarine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology
ContactU. Lips

Estonian Maritime Academy
Mustakivi 25


Telephone+372 6135502
Facsimile+372 6460353
Collating centreMarine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology
Local identifier48003001
Global identifier1143
Last revised2009-02-05