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Bathing water quality data in near-shore coastal areas of Greece (1974-1992)

Data holding centreEnvironmental Pollution Control Project - Athens, Microbiological Laboratory (EPCP/ATH)
CountryGreece  Greece
Time periodFrom 1974 to 1983, then 1985 - 1992
Geographical area

At the earlier stages of its foundation, EPCP/ATH carried out sampling at 74 sites covering the Attica Peninsula and the Islands of Aegina and Salamis (Central Greece). Gradually, the number of sampling sites was increased to 715 and extended to several other Greek coasts.


Bacteria taxonomic abundance in water bodies; Bacteria taxonomy-related ash-free dry weight biomass in sediment; Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column; Temperature of the water column


The sampling programme for the quality control of coastal waters includes densely populated areas, summer resorts and, in addition, sea areas where extensive shipping traffic, discharges of waste water and other pollution inputs take place. The sampling stations have been classified according to use in four types (A,B,C,D). Between 1974-1983, sampling was carried out at 74 sites (beaches) covering coastal areas of Attica (Saronikos and S. Euboikos Gulfs). Six from these sites have been selected for the WHO/UNEP, MED-POL programme. Since 1985, the sampling programme was gradually extended to cover 715 beaches. Sampling takes place at one or more sites (usually 1-5) of each of the above beaches, on an annual or seasonal basis, and for some beaches, on a monthly basis. The programme is funded by the Greek Government, and since 1991 it is also supported by CEC.

OriginatorsEnvironmental Pollution Control Project - Athens, Microbiological Laboratory (EPCP/ATH)
OrganisationEnvironmental Pollution Control Project - Athens, Microbiological Laboratory (EPCP/ATH)
ContactDr Hatzichristidou / Sotirakopoulou / Dr Lazarou

Environmental Pollution Control Project - Athens, Microbiological Laboratory (EPCP/ATH)
Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, 147 Patission Str.

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Telephone+30-210-8650334, ...053
Collating centreHellenic Centre for Marine Research, Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre (HCMR/HNODC)
Local identifier6001001
Global identifier1147
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