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Integrated Fish Monitoring at Holmoarna in the Gulf of Bothnia (1989-2003)

Data holding centreSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
CountrySweden  Sweden
Time period1989-2003
Geographical area

The Bothnian Sea


Fish taxonomy-related abundance per unit area of the bed; Fish and shellfish catch statistics; Fish disease and parasites


The islands Holmoarna in the Northern Kvark, are protected from influences from sources on the Swedish mainland through a ca 40m deep furrow. The influence from local discharges is almost non existing. The island are surrounded by shallow and broken ground moraine bottoms, overground of seed-plants and algae in protected areas. The area's biology is relatively well studied, as the place is a nature reserve. The fish fauna is dominated by fresh water species like perch, roach, gerund and lavareth. The Institute of Coastal Research have mapped out the fishery community through yearly test catches since 1989 and reproductivity and environmental toxic substances in eelpout is monitored yearly in connection with other institutes. There is also a well established cooperation with Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute in Helsinki.

OriginatorsInstitute of Coastal Research, The Swedish Board of Fisheries
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OrganisationSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
ContactMagnus Appelberg (Head of the Institute)

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Arrheniusplan 4

750 07

Telephone+46-(0)18-67 10 00
Facsimile+46-(0)18-67 20 00
Collating centreSwedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Local identifier18018001
Global identifier126
Last revised2017-10-13