Regions of Freshwater Influence (ROFI) Data Set (1990-1993)

Data set information

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Data holding centreUniversity of Wales, School of Ocean Sciences
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodFrom 1990 to 1993
Geographical area

Rhine Outflow, English Channel; Clyde Outflow, Irish Sea


Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies; Other physical and chemical properties of suspended particulate material; Raw fluorometer output; Vertical velocity of the water column (currents); Suspended particulate material setting velocity parameters; Salinity of the water column; Horizontal velocity of the water column (currents); Temperature of the water column; Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column; Suspended particulate material grain size parameters; Transmittance and attenuance of the water column


Fluorometers; current meters; current profilers; optical backscatter sensors; CTD; discrete water samplers; sediment traps; salinity sensor; sediment grabs; transmissometers; sediment settling tubes


The objectives of the Regions of Freshwater Influence (ROFI) project at the School of Ocean Sciences are as follows: 1. to make measurements of turbulent dissipation through the water column in contrasting shelf sea regimes; 2. to observe variations in the vertical distribution, size and fall velocity spectra of suspended particles and relate to changes in the turbulent dissipation; To meet these objectives long term moorings have been deployed in the Irish Sea and the Clyde Sea measuring currents, transmittance, fluorescence and temperature and salinity, CTD profiles together with fluorescence and transmittance measurements have been made, and shipborne ADCP data have been collected. In addition, profiles of turbulent dissipation, grab samples, suspended matter samples and settling velocity measurements have been taken.

OriginatorsUniversity of Wales, School of Ocean Sciences
OrganisationUniversity of Wales, School of Ocean Sciences
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactHead of Department

University of Wales, School of Ocean Sciences
School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales Bangor, Menai Bridge, Anglesey,
Menai Bridge
LL59 5AB
United Kingdom

Telephone+44 1248 351151
Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
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Global identifier1346
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