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UK Admiralty Wrecks Database

Data holding centreUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time period01/01/1913 to present
Geographical area

NE Atlantic and European waters (except those within the 20 meter line from the Dutch/German border northwards around the Baltic), the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Gulf, E & W coast of Africa (but not S African waters), SE Asia. There is also some maintained coverage in the Caribbean, Central Pacific and the South Atlantic.


Horizontal spatial co-ordinates




The database contains maintained information on wrecks within Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean excepting those within the 20 metre (or 10 fathom line) northeast of the Dutch/German border including the Baltic. There is also some maintained coverage around Africa, the Red Sea, the Gulf, Southeast Asia, some Pacific Islands, the South Atlantic and parts of the Caribbean. There is also an unmaintained record of worldwide wrecks. The records may contain a wide variety of data including; position of wreck, name, nationality, type of vessel, tonnage, dimensions, least depth overwreck, general depth of seabed and depth of scour. It should be noted that the best available information may only consist of an approximate position and the date the wreck was first recorded. Full records commenced in 1913 and therefore contain little historical information for vessels sunk prior to that date. Records generally contain as a minimum the position and the associated horizontal datum, together with the least depth of water over the object. If known the name, nationality, type, dimensions, Date of loss etc will be recorded. Details gleaned from survey operations and from other sources will be included.

OriginatorsUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
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OrganisationUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
AvailabilityCollection cost charge; licence
ContactWrecks Section

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

United Kingdom

Telephone+44 1823 337900
Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Local identifier1027018
Global identifier1397
Last revised2018-07-06