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Dataset of Hydrological Parameters of the Baltic Sea

Data holding centreLatvian Fish Resources Agency (LATFRA)
CountryLatvia  Latvia
Time period1961-1991 ICES subdivisions 25,26,28 and 29 - Coastal zone of Soviet Union. Since 1992 ICES subdivision 28 in the economical zone of Latvia.
Geographical area

Baltic Sea, Gotland Basin


Atmospheric visibility and transparency; Air temperature; Cloud type; Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column; Wind strength and direction; Salinity of the water column; Dissolved concentration parameters for other gases in the water column; Temperature of the water column


Meteorological packages; discrete water samplers; titrators


Years: 1961-1997 Months: seasonal surveys (February, May, August, October) Location: Standard net of stations in the Central Baltic (16 stations) and standard net of stations in the economical zone of Latvia since 1992 Depth: On all the stations north from 56o10' (Latvia- Lithuania border) all the parameters are determined from the surface till the bottom after each 10 m, on all the stations south from 56o10' all the parameters are determined from the surface till the bottom after each 5 m. Data processing: Till 1992 the salinity was determined with Knudsen method by titrating for Cl, since 1992 - by inductive salinometer (model 601-MIII, YEO-KAL, Australia). Oxygen concentration is determined by Vincler method; till 1993 - titration with burette, since 1994 - by Titration Stand for Oxygen (Dosimat 715, Hydro-Bios).

OriginatorsLatvian Fish Resources Agency (LATFRA)
OrganisationLatvian Fish Resources Agency (LATFRA)
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactViesturs Bersins (Researcher)

Latvian Fish Resources Agency (LATFRA)
Daugavgrivas str. 8


Telephone+371 67615744
Facsimile+371 67616946
Collating centreLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Local identifier43002003
Global identifier1468
Last revised2009-01-30