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Antarctic Digital Topographic Database on CD-ROM

Data holding centreBritish Antarctic Survey
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodNot specified
Geographical area



Bathymetry and Elevation


Single-beam echosounders; multi-beam echosounders


The Antarctic digital topographic database (ADD) represents a major development in Antarctic mapping, providing access to the first seamless digital map of Antarctica. This seamless map has the most up-to-date and complete coastline of the continent now available in digital form. It has been prepared from cartographic material published by 11 nations, updated with reference to satellite imagery. Eight countries provided digital data (Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Poland and UK) and three gave permission for their maps to be digitised for the project (Japan, Russia and USA). The ADD is provided on one CD-ROM and is accessible through PC ArcView, PC ARC/INFO and PC ArcCAD. It is formatted for MS-DOS systems only. The CD includes several preconstructed views intended for display with ArcView. The Antarctic Digital Database User's Guide and Reference Manual which accompanies the CD-ROM provides detailed information on the content of the database, its coverages and attributes. The data provided on the CD are copyright of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. Reproduction for scientific research, environmental conservation, education or other non-commercial purposes is authorised without prior permission from the copyright holder. Reproduction for resale or any other commercial purpose, is prohibited, without prior written permission of the copyright holder.

OriginatorsBritish Antarctic Survey

Scientific Communitee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) (1993) Antarctic Digital Database User's Guide and Reference Manual. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, Cambridge. xi + 156pp. Scientific Communitee on Antarctic Research (British Antarctic Survey, Scott Polar Research Institute and World Conservation Monitoring Centre).,

OrganisationBritish Antarctic Survey
AvailabilityCommercial charge
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British Antarctic Survey
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