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Arctic Waves in Ice Experiments (between 1971 and 1994)

Data holding centreScott Polar Research Institute
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodVarious periods between 1971 and 1994
Geographical area

Fram Strait, Labrador Sea, Greenland Sea/Davy Sund, Barents Sea, Bering Sea, Arctic Basin, Beaufort Sea N of Alaska, Odden


Ice motion and related parameters; Spectral wave data parameters


Wave recorders; accelerometers; snow and ice samplers


Arrays of accelerometers, tiltmeters and strainmeters were deployed on icebergs, fast ice and sea ice to determine the wave field propagating through the ice. These measurements have been used to study attenuation properties, mechanics of the marginal ice zone, generation of wind waves, penetration of ocean swell into pack ice, and internal and very short period waves. The table below lists SPRI experiments which have yielded data on waves in ice between 1971-1994. The list is not comprehensive as some other datasets are listed independently in EDMED.

  Year  Project              Region                                 Sample Reference
  1971  HMS'Oracle'     Fram Strait                            Wadhams, 1972, 1978
  1972  Laser                Labrador Sea                        Wadhams, 1975
  1977  Twillingate        Labrador Sea                        Squire and Allen, 1978
  1978  'Labrador'          Labrador Sea                        Wadhams, 1979
            SPRI proj          Greenland Sea/Davy Sund   Wadhams et al., 1988
  1979  'Surveyor'          Bering Sea                            Squire and Moore, 1980
            SPRI proj          Greenland Sea/Davy Sund   Wadhams et al., 1988
  1983  MIZEX-West     Bering Sea                             Wadhams et al., 1988
           MIZEX-83           Fram Strait                             Wadhams et al., 1988
  1984  MIZEX-84          Fram Strait                             Wadhams et al., 1986
  1987  MIZEX-87          Fram Strait, Barents Sea        Rottier, 1991
  1989  CEAREX(camp) Arctic Basin                           Czipott et al., 1991
            CEAREX(ship)   Fram Strait                             Rottier, 1991
  1992  SIZEX                Barents Sea                          Newton, 1994
  1993  ESOP                 Fram Strait, Greenland          Wadhams et al., 1993
                                      Sea, Odden
            SIMI(twice)         Beaufort Sea N of Alaska
  1994  SIMI                   Beaufort Sea N of Alaska

OriginatorsScott Polar Research Institute

Czipott, P.V., Levine, M.D., Paulson, C.A., Menemnlis, D., Farmer, D.M. and Williams, R.G. (1991) Ice flexure forced by internal wave packets in the Arctic Ocean., Science, 254, 832-835;; Rottier, P. (1991) Wave-ice interaction in the marginal ice zone and the generation of ocean noise., Ph.D. thesis, 228 pp., University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England.; Newton, R. (1994) The dynamic nature of the Barents Sea marginal ice zone., B.Sc. thesis, 131 pp., Coventry University, Coventry, England.; Wadhams, P., Aldworth, E., Brandon, M.A., Crane, D., Prussen, E., Reisemann, M., Struckman, P. and Wells, S. (1993) Sea Ice Physics., Berichte zur Polarforschung, 134, 71-92.; Squire, V.A., and Allan, A.J. (1978) Twillingate-1977 Field Report., Technical Report 78-2, 26 pp., Sea Ice Group, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge England.; Squire V.A. and Moore, C.A. (1980) Direct measurement of the attenuation of ocean waves in pack ice., Nature, 283(5745), 365-368.; Wadhams, P. (1972) Measurement of wave attenuation in pack ice by inverted echo-sounding., T. Karlsson. Sea Ice: 255-260, National Research Council of Iceland, Reykjavik.; Wadhams, P (1975) Airborne laser profiling of swell in an open ice field., Journal of Geophysical Research, 80, 4520-4528;; Wadhams, P. (1978) Wave decay in the marginal ice zone measured from a submarine., Deep Sea Research, 25(1), 23-40; Wadhams, P. (1979) Field experiments on wave-ice interaction in the Labrador and East Greenland currents 1978., Polar Record, 19, 373-376.; Wadhams, P. (1987) The seasonal ice zone., N. Untersteiner. The Geophysics of Sea Ice, Plenum, New York, 825-991;; Wadhams, P., Squire, V.A., Ewing, J.A. and Pascal, R.W. (1986) The effect of marginal ice zones on the directional wave spectrum of the ocean., Journal of Physical Oceanography 16 (2): 358-376.; Wadhams, P., Squire, V.A., Goodman, D.J., Cowan, A.M. and Moore, S.C. (1988) The attenuation rates of ocean waves in a marginal ice zone., Journal of Geophysical Research, 93(C6), 6799-6818;; Manley, T.O., Codispoti, L.A., Hunkins, K.L., Jacksin, H.R., Jones, E.P. , Lee, V., Moore, S., Morison, J., Packard, T.T., and Wadhams, P. (1982) The Fram 3 Expedition., EOS Trans. The American Geophysical Union, 63 (35):627-636.; Francis, P.E. (1985) Sea Surface Wave and Storm Surge Models., The Meteorological Magazine, Vol. 114: 234-241.

OrganisationScott Polar Research Institute
AvailabilityBy negotiation

Scott Polar Research Institute
University of Cambridge Lensfield Road

United Kingdom

Telephone+44 1223 336540
Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
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Global identifier1542
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