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AVHRR images of the South Baltic (1987-92)

Data holding centreUniversity of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography (IO UG)
CountryPoland  Poland
Time periodFrom 1987 to 1992
Geographical area

There are three areas: 53.5° N 12.7° E (left bottom corner) 58.4° N 21.0° E (right upper corner) 53.5° N 07.3° E (left bottom corner) 58.4° N 16.0° E (right upper corner) 56.5° N 16.2° E (left bottom corner) 61.0° N 15.0° E (right upper corner)


Skin temperature of the water column




The images were collected to create a database. All images were processed at NOAA/NESDIS in Washington. Each image is recorded in BSQ format and contains 3 separate files stored on diskette. The size of the image is 512 x 512 pixels with a resolution of about 1 km. Each pixel has a one byte value (0 - 255). All images are in Mercator projection. The images did not go through registration and have some spatial errors. The spatial resolution of the images is about 1 km. All images were made during fine weather. In 1987 there were 5 images (months: Mar, Jun, Aug); in 1989 25 images (months: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Dec); in 1990 40 images (months: Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec); in 1991 27 images (months: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep); and in 1992 17 images (months: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep).

OriginatorsUniversity of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography (IO UG)
OrganisationUniversity of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography (IO UG)
AvailabilityCollection cost charge; distribution cost charge
ContactDr. Jacek Urbanski (Contact Point)

University of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography (IO UG)
Al. Marszalka Pilsudskiego 46

Telephone+48 58 5236885
Facsimile+48-58 523 66 78; +48-58 523 55 31
Collating centreInstitute of Meteorology and Water Management National Research Institute, Maritime Branch in Gdynia (IMWM MB)
Local identifier21001002
Global identifier1598
Last revised2009-01-06