Sea mammals in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea (1987-)

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Data holding centreUniversity of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography - Hel Marine Station
CountryPoland  Poland
Time period1987 - 1995
Geographical area

Polish coast of the Baltic Sea


Seal behaviour


Most specimens subjected to examination were gained from by-catch and several were stranded. They have been collected since 1987. Information leaflets, sent to all fishing harbours along the Polish coast, guaranteed delivery of porpoise and seal carcasses found in nets or on the beach. Specimens were brought to the Hel Marine Station of the University of Gdansk and frozen at -20degC. They were measured and weighed according to International Whaling Commission standards. Autopsies were made in order to take samples for toxicological examination (e.g. heavy metal content) and stomach contents. Crania were taken for morphometric measurements. When the decomposition of a body was extremely advanced (skeletal remains, no organs present) only the cranium was used for morphometric measurements. All information about the occurrence of seals on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea is collected. The carcasses of stranded animals are stored frozen at a temperature of -20degC for biological and chemical examination. An information leaflet was published in order to spread the knowledge about three species of seals living in the Baltic Sea. The future seal sanctuaries are planned to allow monitoring of the introduction of seals. Water regions will be controlled in order to identify the most dangerous places for seals, considering the number of nets.

OriginatorsUniversity of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography - Hel Marine Station
OrganisationUniversity of Gdansk, Institute of Oceanography - Hel Marine Station
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ContactDr. Krzysztof E. Skora (Head of the Hel Marine Station)

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