Macroplankton, near-bottom fauna 1987 data set, Gdansk Basin, southern Baltic Sea

Data set information

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Data holding centreNational Marine Fisheries Research Institute (NMFRI)
CountryPoland  Poland
Time periodFrom 20 January 1987 to 15 January 1988
Geographical area

4 sites in the Gdansk Basin: station 92A (54° 26'N, 18° 40'E), station R6 (54° 57.5'N, 18° 24'E), station G2 (54° 50'N, 19° 20'E), station Z (54° 32'N, 18° 56'E) located at the extension of the Hel Peninsula


Zoobenthos taxonomic abundance; Zoobenthos taxonomy-related counts; Zoobenthos taxonomy-related wet weight biomass per unit area of the bed


The aim of this study was to obtain data on seasonal biomass variations and changes in taxonomic composition of the macroplankton and near- bottom fauna. Macroplankton was collected with a 500 microm Bongo net hauled at about 3 knots. At stations 92A and R6, single hauls were performed by submerging the net to a depth of about 25m. At station Z two hauls were made, one at 30m depth and the second one at 50m depth. At station G2 three hauls were performed at 30, 60 and 90m depths, respectively. An Ostroumov dredge of 300 microm mesh size was used for collecting the near-bottom fauna by dredging close to the bottom for a distance of about 200m. A total of 169 samples was analyzed. Samples were preserved with 4% formaldehyde-sea water solution, buffered with borax. The organisms were enumerated and measured under a binocular.

OriginatorsNational Marine Fisheries Research Institute (NMFRI)
OrganisationNational Marine Fisheries Research Institute (NMFRI)
ContactDr. Wlodzimierz Grygiel (national co-ordinator of IBSSP)

National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (NMFRI)
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