Phytoplankton data set from the Gdansk Basin, southern Baltic Sea (1987-88)

Data set information

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Data holding centreNational Marine Fisheries Research Institute
CountryPoland  Poland
Time periodFrom 20 January 1987 to 15 January 1988
Geographical area

3 sites in the Gdansk Basin: station 92A (54° 26'N, 18° 40'E), station R6 (54° 57.5'N, 18° 24'E), station G2 (54° 50'N, 19° 20'E). Station 92A was an inshore sheltered site; station R6 was located inshore; and station G2 was an offshore site close to the open sea


Phytoplankton taxonomic volume in water bodies; Phytoplankton taxonomic abundance in water bodies; Phytoplankton taxonomic biomass in water bodies


The aim of this study was to obtain data on seasonal biomass variations and changes of taxonomic composition of the phytoplankton and heterotrophic dinoflagellates in relation to some of the major factors influencing the succession. The exact sampling dates are as follows: 20-21 Jan, 11-14 Feb, 27 Feb-01 Mar, 23-25 Mar, 30 Mar-02 Apr, 13-15 Apr, 27-30 Apr, 11-13 May, 26-28 May, 15 Jun, 29 Jun-02 Jul, 14-17 Jul, 05-08 Aug, 23-27 Aug, 08-11 Sep, 22-25 Sep, 14-16 Oct, 26-29 Oct, 16-18 Nov, 03-05 Dec, 15-18 Dec 1987 and 12-15 Jan 1988. Water samples were drawn with a bathymeter from the following depth strata: 0-30m, every 5m; 30m-bottom, every 10m. Water samples were pooled according to the following depth layers: 0-15, 15-30, 30-60, 60-90 and 90m-bottom. Aliquots of 250ml were preserved with Lugol's solution. One 50ml subsample was later allowed to sediment, and the organisms were identified, counted and measured under an inverted microscope. A total of 185 samples was analyzed. The organisms were identified to the highest possible taxonomic level; body volumes were estimated by approximating the actual body shape with a simplified geometric form. Enumeration was continued until 500 individuals were recorded per sample, and at least 10 were measured in each volume class. The form in which a given organism occurred in nature was assumed to be one specimen (i.e., cell, colony, etc).

OriginatorsNational Marine Fisheries Research Institute
OrganisationNational Marine Fisheries Research Institute
ContactDr. Wlodzimierz Grygiel (national co-ordinator of IBSSP)

National Marine Fisheries Research Institute
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