Variability of phytoplankton and microzooplankton populations in the Lebanese coastal waters

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Data holding centreNational Center for Marines Sciences
CountryLebanon  Lebanon
ProjectStudy of the annual cycle of microplanktonic populations in the Palm Islands Nature Reserve; Study of the microplankton in the Lebanese coastal waters; Effect of river input in the dynamic of phytoplankton populations in the Lebanese coastal waters; Temporal and spatial small scales variations in phytoplankton ecology in Lebanese coastal waters.
Time period1979 - ongoing
Geographical area

Lebanese coast area (coastal and offshore stations, different depths)


Phytoplankton taxonomic surface area in water bodies; Phytoplankton generic abundance in water bodies


Fluorometers; fog samplers; CTD; plankton nets; sieves and filters; fluorescence microscopes; balances and scales; bench fluorometers; active fluorometers


A project was carried out since 1979, in the National Center for Marine Sciences in the aim of studying the primary and secondary producers in the Lebanese coastal area in relation to environmental conditions in seasonal, vertical and spatial variations covering about 50 offshore and inshore stations and contributing to the study of biodiversity in this region of Eastern Mediterranean. Part of this study was limited to a fixed period and limiting area and other part was continuous monthly since 1999 in offshore station. STD probe, water sampler and net sample were used to collect data. Arrangement of data: time series (day-to-day, weekly, monthly, yearly), surface data in some stations and at different levels between surface and 100m in offshore stations). A total of 50 stations (20 littoral, 3 in fishing harbors and 27 coastal and offshore stations) along the Lebanese coast.

OriginatorsNational Center for Marines Sciences
OrganisationNational Center for Marines Sciences
ContactDr. Nijad Kabbara (Database manager)

National Center for Marines Sciences
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