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Irish Groundfish Survey Catch Weights

Data holding centreMarine Institute
CountryIreland  Ireland
Time periodIrish Groundfish Survey has been an annual survey since 1990.
Geographical area

North Atlantic Ocean. Celtic Sea. St. George's Channel. Irish Sea.


Date and time; Fish and shellfish catch statistics


Pelagic trawl nets


The primary goal of the Irish Groundfish Survey is to develop estimates of juvenile abundance for important fish species. Measurements of the abundance of juvenile fish are a critical measure of the health of a stock, serving as an annual indication of recruitment (the number of newly spawned fish which enter the population each year) success or failure. Most importantly, they allow forecasting of future commercial abundance. In addition, the Irish Groundfish Survey provides data on the distribution and biology of commercial and non-commercial species of ecological interest, as well as hydrographic and environmental observations. When these data are combined with annual recruitment indices they can help identify the possible causes driving year-class success or failure, and allow us to see long-term changes in populations that may have been caused by fishing, pollution, or climate change. This spatial dataset comprises the haul station location from the trawl survey. The Irish Groundfish Survey feeds into the International Bottom Trawl Survey [ie. IBTS] for international reporting. This spatial dataset is a web viewer services which provides the user with the opportunity to choose the species, survey, and strata parameters and download the results to their own system.

OriginatorsMarine Institute
Data web site
OrganisationMarine Institute
ContactFisheries Ecosystem Advisory Services (Scientific and Technical Officer)

Marine Institute
Rinville Oranmore
Co. Galway


Collating centreMarine Institute
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Last revised2014-12-10