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Lithuanian Sea Level Dataset

Data holding centreDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
CountryLithuania  Lithuania
ProjectBaltic Sea Level Project
Time period1898 -
Geographical area

Hydrometeorological post in the Klaipeda Strait (harbour). Klaipeda Strait connects the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. Post coordinates: 55 42,48 N and 21 07,18 E


Sea level


Sea level recorders


Water level observations in the Klaipeda Strait are important to ensure safe navigation and loading works in the harbour of Klaipeda. Also they contribute to the designing, engineering and assurance of building of new quays, piers, other hydro-technical equipment and coastal protection works in the region. Water level data are important resources to a scientific community, for the making of forecasts, creating and working of models. Qualitative data of observations, which transfer operative information in real time, are very important to simulate the drift of oil spilt during accidents, in order to ensure early warning to the other countries and eliminating damage done to the marine environment. After the increasing of navigation and number of accidents, it is essential to observe constantly the changes in a water level, especially when hydro-meteorological conditions are extreme. Stored data are used to evaluate long-lasting changes in the marine ecosystem. These data would qualitatively merge with the net of international hydro-meteorological data and would help to evaluate the fluctuation of the global climate. Water level data (since 1898) are stored in the National Marine Data Fund of Center of Marine Research. All data are stored in archive (in table forms on paper) and data since 1993 are saved also on a Hard disk. Observations and measurements at a fixed hydrometeorological station are performed hourly (24 times a day) with a marine recorder and 2 times a day with a water level gauge. The data are calibrated every day. Water level data collectively with other hydro-meteorological parameters are saved in table forms. The tables are filled in once a month.

OriginatorsDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. Juozas Dubra and Vytautas Dubra (1998) Sea water rise in the Klaipeda strait / The environmental status of the Baltic Sea and Kurshiu marios Lagoon, Virginija Cizauskiene

OrganisationDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
ContactOvidijus Stulpinas (Head of Hydrology Department)

Department of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
Taikos Av. 26


Telephone+370 46 41 04 26
Facsimile+370 46 41 04 60
Collating centreDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
Local identifier33001001
Global identifier2083
Last revised2009-02-07