NERC Land Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS) Shelf Edge Study (SES) Data Set (1995-1996)

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Data holding centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodData collected between March 1995 and September 1996
Geographical area

Hebridean Shelf Edge (Eastern Atlantic Margin)


Horizontal spatial co-ordinates; Ammonium and ammonia concentration parameters in water bodies; Air pressure; Carbon concentrations in suspended particulate material; Sediment lipid concentrations; Air temperature; Atmospheric humidity; Variable fluorescence parameters; Particulate total and organic carbon concentrations in the water column; Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies; Other physical and chemical properties of suspended particulate material; Dissolved organic carbon concentration in the water column; Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column; Wind strength and direction; Sedimentation flux of biological detritus in the water column; Raw fluorometer output; Amino acids in sediment; Lagrangian currents and transport rates in the water column; Vertical velocity of the water column (currents); Suspended particulate material setting velocity parameters; Sediment grain size parameters; Sedimentation flux quantification in the water column; Dissolved metal concentrations in the water column; Particulate metal concentrations in the water column; Particulate total and organic nitrogen concentrations in the water column; Nitrate concentration parameters in the water column; Concentration of silicon species in suspended particulate material; Sedimentation flux of non-metallic inorganic species in the water column; Phytoplankton taxonomic abundance in water bodies; Phosphate concentration parameters in the water column; Primary production in the water column; Salinity of the water column; Horizontal velocity of the water column (currents); Concentration of aliphatic hydrocarbons in sediment samples; Seabed photography; Other fluxes between the bed and the water column; Density of the water column; Stable isotopes in sediment; Concentration of organic matter in sediments; Dissolved total and organic nitrogen concentrations in the water column; Radioactivity in water bodies; Wave height and period statistics; Zoobenthos taxonomic abundance; Phaeopigment concentrations in the water column; Phytoplankton generic abundance in water bodies; Dissolved amino acid concentrations in the water column; Concentration of inorganic sulphur species in sediment; Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column; Nitrite concentration parameters in the water column; Acoustic backscatter in the water column; Sea level; Sediment pollen content; Geological sample radioactivity; Solar Radiation; Geological sample density; Turbulence in the water column; Sound velocity and travel time in the water column; Sedimentation flux of carbon, nitrogen or organic matter in the water column; Concentration of inorganic halogens in water bodies; Visible waveband radiance and irradiance measurements in the atmosphere; Visible waveband radiance and irradiance measurements in the water column; Water column photography; Sediment water content, porosity and surface area; Transmittance and attenuance of the water column; Nitrogen concentrations in sediment; Nitrogen concentrations in suspended particulate material; Silicate concentration parameters in the water column; Bathymetry and Elevation; Concentration of carbohydrates, phenols, alkanols (alcohols), ethers, aldehydes and ketones in sediment; Carbon concentrations in sediment; Dissolved total or organic phosphorus concentration in the water column; Temperature of the water column; Inorganic chemical composition of sediment or rocks


Meteorological packages; sea level recorders; fluorometers; current meters; satellite tracking system; radiometers; optical backscatter sensors; bathythermographs; thermosalinographs; water temperature sensor; single-channel seismic reflection systems; single-beam echosounders; multi-beam echosounders; underwater cameras; nutrient analysers; plankton nets; benthos samplers; discrete water samplers; continuous water samplers; cameras; sediment traps; unconsolidated sediment corers; elemental analysers; autoanalysers; optical microscopes; high performance liquid chromatographs; titrators; mass spectrometers; gas chromatograph mass spectrometers; liquid scintillation counters; gamma-ray spectrometers; X-ray fluorescence analysers; bench particle sizers; acoustic backscatter sensors; microstructure sensors; sound velocity sensors; CTD undulators; transmissometers; CTD; current profilers; thermistor chains; sidescan sonars; dissolved gas sensors; expendable CTDs; sediment settling tubes; shipboard incubators; wave recorders


The data set includes hydrographic profiles (including temperature, salinity, attenuance, chlorophyll, oxygen, irradiance, turbulence, sound velocity and currents), hydrographic time series (temperature, currents, fluorescence, bottom pressure), water samples (>70 parameters measured), sediment samples (>160 parameters measured), sediment trap samples (>10 parameters measured), production experiments and marine snow camera profiles. Additional meteorological and wave records are also available, as well as satellite imagery and underwater photography (water column and seabed). The data were collected on the Hebridean Slope (NW of Ireland) between March 1995 and September 1996. Measurements were collected via a combination of shipboard instrument deployments, including >1,800 conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) and SeaSoar (undulating oceanographic recorder) profiles, >100 expendable bathythermograph (XBT) profiles, >38,000 acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) profiles, >35 core profiles, >800 turbulence profiles, >40 marine snow camera profiles, >55 radiometer profiles and >25 sound velocity and travel time experiments. Benthic lander deployments were also undertaken, along with shipboard incubation experiments and drifting buoy deployments (48 tracks). An intensive water sampling programme provided >2,500 samples for biological and biogeochemical analysis. An extensive moored instrument array was maintained throughout the experiment, including sediment traps, recording current meters (104 series), electromagnetic current meters (9 series), ADCPs (16 series), thermistor chain and temperature probes (70 series), fluorometers (18 series), transmissometers (16 series), light meter (5 series), bottom pressure recorders (11 series), plus one waverider buoy series and three meteorological buoy time series. The Shelf Edge Study (SES) was an intensive multidisciplinary experiment and formed part of the NERC Land Ocean Interaction Study. The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) assembled over 95% of the data sets collected during SES into its project database system. Once basic quality control procedures had been completed the data set was published, complete with extensive data documentation, on CD-ROM.

OriginatorsDefence Evaluation Research Agency
Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory
Oxford Brookes University, Research School of Biological and Molecular Sciences
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
Queen's University Belfast, School of Biological Sciences
Scottish Association for Marine Science
Scottish Universities Research Reactor Centre
Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science
Southampton Oceanography Centre
University of Liverpool, Department of Earth Sciences
University of Wales, School of Ocean Sciences
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OrganisationBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
ContactPolly Hadžiabdić (Head of the BODC Requests Team)

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