Salinity Data Set of the Curonian Lagoon

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Data holding centreDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
CountryLithuania  Lithuania
Time period1984 -
Geographical area

Northern part of the Curonian Lagoon since 1993 (data set limits: 55 16 - 55 44N; 21 01 - 21 17E)


Electrical conductivity of the water column; Salinity of the water column


Salinity sensor


The aim of the research is to analyse salinity regime and its peculiarities in the Curonian Lagoon. Water salinity is an important hydrological characteristic, which have an impact to physical-chemical as well as to biological processes going in the Lagoon. The salinity distribution is determined by the fresh water runoff (river Nemunas) and the Baltic Sea water. Sea water comes to the Lagoon through the Klaipeda Strait. Due to the port deepening activities (in the Strait) the bigger intrusion of saline water to the Lagoon can be observed in future. Long term observations have already shows small salinity increasing and impact to biology of the Lagoon. Because of such reasons it is important to carry out regular salinity observations, to analyze salinity impact on ecosystem in the Lagoon. In accordance with the national Curonian Lagoon monitoring programme salinity investigations are carried every month in surface and bottom water layers. The research is carried out in the north part of the Lagoon which belongs to Lithuania by the expedition cutter 'Gintaras'. The data are fully quality controlled. Systematic certification of laboratories, participation in international intercalibrations, internal control, introduced managing system for research' quality determine quality of data. All data is stored in archive (written form) and the data from 1993 also is saved on hard disk.

OriginatorsDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency

Iraida Prochorova (1998) Peculiarities of water temperature and chlorinity fluctuations in the Kurshiu Marios Lagoon (according to the seasonal hydrological surveys) / The environmental status of the Baltic Sea and Kurshiu Marios Lagoon, Virginija Cizauskiene; G. Ezerskis, V. Asmontas (2008) Water salinity in the northern part of the Curonian Lagoon and Baltic coastal zone / Monograph: The Baltic Sea and its problems (Articles in Lithuanian with English summaries), N. Remeikaite, R. Nikzentaitiene

OrganisationDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
ContactOvidijus Stulpinas (Head of Hydrology Department)

Department of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
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Collating centreDepartment of Marine Research of the Environmental Protection Agency
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