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Data on the sediments and rocks of the continental shelf and slope off Portugal (1974 - 2009)

Data holding centreIHPT, Hydrographic Institute
CountryPortugal  Portugal
Time periodFrom 1974 to 2009
Geographical area

Portuguese coast


Date and time; Carbon concentrations in sediment; Carbonate chemistry in sediment pore waters; Mineralogical composition; Sediment grain size parameters; Dissolved organic carbon concentrations in sediment pore waters; Salinity of the water column; Temperature of the water column; Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column; Raw suspended particulate material concentration sensor output; Sediment water content, porosity and surface area; Geological sample density


Salinity sensor; sediment grabs; unconsolidated sediment corers; rock corers


Samples of the bottom surface, sub-bottom layers and rocks have been collected on the continental shelf and slope from June 1974 to October 2009, under the SEPLAT programme. The different samples were collected in the following way: a) bottom surface sediments - Shipeck, Van Veen and Smith McIntyre; b) sub-bottom layers - Gravity Corer; and c) rock samples - Cnexo-Ville. For each sample we have the following information: latitude, longitude, depth, hour, day, month and year. For each sample of bottom surface sediment we have recorded the following characteristics: colour, macroscopic classification, statistical parameters, total carbon, total organic carbon, carbonate and clay for the Algarve coast. We have published four sediment information charts, covering from Cape Roca (west of Lisbon) to Guadiana river mouth (South Spanish border). Furthermore, we have some seismic profiles and some side scan coverage for the Portuguese shelf. Other relevant information: water column sediments, temperature, salinity and turbidity data.

OriginatorsIHPT, Hydrographic Institute - Division of Marine Geology
OrganisationIHPT, Hydrographic Institute
ContactAurora Bizarro

IHPT, Hydrographic Institute
Rua das Trinas, 49

Telephone+351 210943000
Facsimile+351 210943299
Collating centreIHPT, Hydrographic Institute
Local identifier15019001
Global identifier2225
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