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Benthic communities (fishes and crustaceans) of the slope of the Island of Madeira (1990 -2009)

Data holding centreMuseum of Funchal, Madeira (IMAR network)
CountryPortugal  Portugal
Time periodFrom 1990 to 2009
Geographical area

Slope of the island of Madeira between 32° 37'.8 N, 16° 54'.1 W and 32° 36'.5 N, 16° 53' W (100 - 1000m depth)


Electrical conductivity of the water column; Fauna abundance per unit area of the bed; Fish morphology, age and physiology; Fish taxonomy-related abundance per unit area of the bed; Fish taxonomy-related ash-free dry weight biomass per unit area of the bed; Fish taxonomy-related counts; Fish behaviour; Temperature of the water column; Zoobenthos dry weight biomass; Zoobenthos taxonomic abundance; Zoobenthos taxonomy-related counts; Zoobenthos taxonomy-related wet weight biomass per unit area of the bed


CTD; pelagic trawl nets; benthos samplers


An unusual approach to sample the benthic fish and crustacea macrofauna of the slope of the island of Madeira has been attempted in this project. Due to the inclination and ruggedness of the slope, use of conventional sampling gear is very risky and sometimes impractical for which reason baited fish traps and bottom long lines have been used. Monthly sampling has been carried out every month at 10 sites (100 to 1000 metres depth). Biological cycles as well as biomass and abundance of several species have been determined. Communities distribution and structure are under study. CTD profiles are also carried out monthly. Data have been gathered with the cooperation of the Direccao de Servicos de Estudos e Investigacao das Pescas (Fisheries Laboratory) of Madeira and partially financed by the Junta Nacional de Investigacao Cientifica e Tecnologica (National Scientific and Technological Agency) (Project PMCT/C/MAR/985/90).

OriginatorsMuseum of Funchal, Madeira (IMAR network)
OrganisationMuseum of Funchal, Madeira (IMAR network)
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactManuel Jose Biscoito and Antonio Domingos Abreu

Museum of Funchal, Madeira (IMAR network)
Museu Municipal do Funchal Rua da Mouraria, 31

Telephone+351 291 229 761
Facsimile+351 291 211 009
Collating centreIHPT, Hydrographic Institute
Local identifier15031003
Global identifier2269
Last revised2015-09-02