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SAR-Sea State and Pollution Monitoring-Black-Azov-2007

Data holding centreSpace Research Institute of RAS
CountryRussian Federation  Russian Federation
Time periodApril - October 2007
Geographical area

North-east Black Sea, Azov Sea


Radar backscatter


The dataset contains all non-conflicting (A)SAR data acquired from April to October, 2007 over the north eastern part of the Black Sea and the eastern part of the Azov Sea

OriginatorsEuropean Space Agency (ESA)
Space Research Institute of RAS

Lavrova, O.Y., T.Y. Bocharova and M.I. Mityagina (2003) SAR Observations of Typical Phenomena in the Black Sea Shore Area. Proceedings of International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2003, Toulouse, France, vol. 2, 966-968., ; Gade, M., S.A. Ermakov, O.Yu. Lavrova, L.M. Mitnik, J.C.B. da Silva, and D.K.Woolf (2005) SIMP: Slicks as Indicators for Marine Processes - Novel Tools for Marine Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone, 2nd EARSel Workshop Remote Sens. Coastal Zone, Porto, Portugal, June 2005., ; Mityagina M., O. Lavrova, T. Bocharova (2006) Natural slicks and oil spills in the coastal zones as viewed by satellite radars. COSPAR Scientific Assembly Abstracts., ; Shcherbak S.S., O.Y. Lavrova, M.I. Mytyagina, T.Yu. Bocharova, V.A. Krovotyntsev, and A.G. Ostrovskiy. (2006) Multisensor satellite monitoring of oil pollution in northeastern coastal zone of the Black Sea. Proceedings of the ISRS 2006 PORSEC, 2-4 November 2006, Busan, Korea 2006, vol. II, pp.989-992., ; Lavrova, Olga; Bocharova, Tatiana; Sabinin, Konstantin. (2007) Satellite Remote Sensing of Water Dynamics in the Strait of Kerch Region. Envisat Symposium. Abstracts. Montreux, Switzerland, 23-27 April 2007., ; Mityagina, Marina; Lavrova, Olga; Bocharova, Tatiana (2007) Detection and Discrimination of Sea Surface Films in the Coastal Zone of Northeastern Black Sea using SAR Data. Envisat Symposium. Abstracts. Montreux, Switzerland, 23-27 April 2007., ; Litovchenko, K.Ts., O.Yu.Lavrova, M.I. Mityagina, A.Yu. Ivanov, Yu.I. Yurenko (2007) Oil pollution in the eastern part of the Black Sea: satellite monitoring and sub-satellite verification. Remote Sensing of the Earth, 2007, vol.1, pp.81-94., ; Lavrova O.Yu., Mityagina M.I., Shcherbak S.S. (2006) Satellite radar capabilities in ship detection // Current problems of remote sensing of the Earth from space: physics, methods and techniques of monitoring of the environment and potential dangers. Moscow: Azbuka-2000, 2006. vol.2. pp. 106-112 (in Russian)., ; Lavrova, Olga; Bocharova, Tatiana; Mityagina, Marina; Pyrkov, Vladimir (2007) Case Study: Use of SAR Data for the Operational Control of Fishering Ships Positioning. Envisat Symposium. Abstracts. Montreux, Switzerland, 23-27 April 2007., ; Lavrova O., M. Mityagina, T. Bocharova, V. Pyrkov, S. Shcherbak, A. Zlatopolskiy (2006) Possibilities and difficulties of oil spill and ship detection from space. COSPAR Scientific Assembly, 2006 Abstracts,

OrganisationSpace Research Institute of RAS
ContactOlga lavrova (Head of lab)

Space Research Institute of RAS
84/32 Profsoyuznaya Str

Russian Federation

Telephone+7 (495) 333-42-56
Facsimile+7 (495) 333-10-56
Collating centreAll-Russia Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Centre (RIHMI-WDC) National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC)
Local identifier35007012
Global identifier2494
Last revised2010-02-02