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Radiactivity data in Spanish Marine Ecosystems (AQUADAT)

Data holding centreResearch Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT)
CountrySpain  Spain
ProjectCanary Islands, Azores, Gibraltar, Observations (CANIGO)(CANIGO)
Time periodOctober 1985 to June 1999
Geographical area

Starit of Gibraltar, Vera Gulf (SE Spain), Barcelona Area (NE Spain) 8 sites covering Gibraltar Strait, six sites coverin the Spanish Mediterranean coast from Barcelona to malaga, including the Balearic Islands, twenty sites in the Gulf of Vera (Almeria) covering the affected by residual pollution from Palomares accident. Other dta from Svalbard Islands


Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column; Salinity of the water column; Temperature of the water column; Radioactivity in water bodies; Geological sample radioactivity




The collection of data contains a register of : Activity concentrations of transuranics and 137Cs expressed in Bq/kg and inventories (Bq/m2) in marine sediments from shelf, slope and abyssal plane of Vera Gulf (Palomares). Distribution profiles and inventories of plutonium, americium, 137Cs and unsupported 210Pb in several areas from the Mediterranean Spanish Continental Shelf (Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, Alicante, Almaria and Malaga) and the Balearic Islands (Menorca). Activity concentrations of transuranics, 210Po and 210Pb in several sea water layers across the Strait of Gibraltar. Sediments The sampling device employed, a modified box-corer, allows taking cores of a length up to 40 cm and a maximum diameter of 18.5 cm, thus providing enough quantity of sample to analyze the selected radionuclides. The cores are extruded on-board, separating the outer centimetre ring to avoid cross-contamination from the sections above. The samples were freeze-dried and ball-milled for homogenization. Marine sediments were collected during five sampling campaigns performed in: October 1985, July 1991, August 1992, July 1993 and November 1994. Sea water Representative samples were collected from different waters masses entering the Strait of Gibraltar. The samples were pre-concentrated on board using 80 L for 137Cs, 120 L for 239,240Pu and 20 L for 210Pb and 210 Po of seawater, collected with 20 L Niskin bottles placed as a rosette. Water masses were identified by CTD casts. Eight sampling stations were sampled in the Gibraltar Strait during three campaigns named Cornide 97, Thalassa 97 and Cornide 98. Five stations were sampled during the Urania 99 campaign. As a basic approach, the Atlantic water salinity dropped below approximately to 37 and the Mediterranean flow showed salinity values above 37.5. Sediment samples data are stored based on section depth (from 1 cm to 30 cm). Dating of these strata can be provided. Water samples data are stored based on water layers salinity and depth. Quality assurance of the provided data is achieved by participating in intercomparison exercises and Proficiency tests performed by IAEA, and by analysing standard and blank samples. Data from Gibraltar Strait has been collected by CANIGO and supported by Irish Marine Center.

OriginatorsResearch Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT)
Data web sitehttp://www.marine.ie/datacentre/projects/canigo/
OrganisationResearch Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT)
ContactNot supplied (Subdirector del Departamento de Impacto Ambiental)

Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT)
Av. de la Complutense, 22


Telephone+34 91 3466000
Facsimile+34 913 466005
Emailpromar dec.ciemat.es
Collating centreIEO/Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Local identifier8001002
Global identifier2529
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