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Satellite Data (I) - Temperature and colour images of the waters around Canary Islands (1982-91)

Data holding centreLas Palmas University. Department of Physics (ULPGC)
CountrySpain  Spain
Time periodFrom 5 December 1982 to 26 October 1991
Geographical area

25° to 30° N and 13° to 19° W; i.e. waters around the Canary Islands


Temperature of the water column


The TSM and CCP data present in this collection have been taken by AVHRR sensors (aboard satellites of the NOAA series) and CZCS (on Nimbus 7). Their selection has been carried out following criteria by the observation of quicklooks available at the satellite data receiving station of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria). Later the data were processed to the parameters quoted herein after eliminating the effects of atmospheric extinction and geometric distortion of the original data. The spatial resolution of the data is as follows: 1.1 km for TSM data and 0.8 km for CCP data. The temporal resolution of the data is irregular due to the intermittent nature of the data. In total 25 CCP pictures are available (2 in 1982, 16 in 1983, 3 in 1984, 4 in 1985) and 186 TSM pictures (20 in 1987, 29 in 1988, 38 in 1989, 54 in 1990, 45 in 1991). The TSM and CCP satellite pictures are in ERDAS format. ERDAS is a software designed for the treatment of digital images which has a file of subroutines which allows for the creation of special application programs, such as those used for the processing of this collection of data.

OriginatorsLas Palmas University. Department of Physics (ULPGC)
OrganisationLas Palmas University. Department of Physics (ULPGC)
ContactAlonso Hernandez

Las Palmas University. Department of Physics (ULPGC)
Fac. de Ciencias del Mar Apdo. 550
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Canary Islands

Telephone+34 928 451288
Facsimile+34 928 452922
Collating centreIEO/Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Local identifier8022001
Global identifier2621
Last revised2008-11-25